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Find Support in a Care Group

This is a space where we care for your spiritual development and personal growth. If you have areas that you are looking to lean into to become all that God has created you to be, we want to help. We’ve provided a collection of classes that you can take to help you dive deeper into specific topics. Topics like marriage, healing, financial freedom, freedom from addiction, and so much more.

Freedom Group

Freedom Group gathers weekly for 12 weeks to discuss the Freedom Curriculum which is designed to equip you to live the victorious and abundant life Christ came to give you. Freedom Group builds on the foundation of your faith in Christ to help you embrace the truth of God’s Word as it relates to your worldview, your past, your sin, your value to God, and your purpose in His Kingdom. This group will help you remove every obstacle to intimacy with God and walk in true Freedom.

$35 Per Person


SYMBIS stands for Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts. It is an evidenced-based premarital counseling tool developed by authors and therapists Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott. Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts is a three-week relationship course covering conflict resolution, sex and intimacy, finances, spiritual unity, husband/wife roles, and more.

$20 Per Couple




Financial Peace University is a 9-week course that teaches tackling debt, investing, and planning for a future financially. FPU also helps you build a budget, dump debt, grow your wealth, and leave money stress behind. Each lesson is based on biblical wisdom and common sense. Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went!

$79 Per Person

What are Care Groups?

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